Secondhand Stove Fisher and Paykel Coriander

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Reconditioned Stove Freestanding Electric Fisher&Paykel Coriander Top

Stove secondhand freestanding, electric Fisher and Paykel Coriander. 

Ceramic top model with one dual element.

One year full warranty. Delivery only within Auckland.


FAN BAKE A separate fan at the rear of the oven circulates hot air from the top and bottom elements around the oven. The fan tends to dry the surface of the food being cooked, which makes it suitable for crisping foods, eg slices, pastries and ovenroasted vegetables. FAN BAKE can be used at a low temperature (50 °C) for drying fruit, vegetables and herbs.

FAN FORCED Multi-level fan forced cooking circulates heat from a fan element around the fan throughout the oven. This function is particularly good for multi-shelf cooking, batch baking or cooking several dishes together. Use FAN FORCED for casseroles and baked vegetables, as you can place them anywhere in the oven except on the oven floor.

FAN GRILL The fan circulates heat from the grill element around the oven. FAN GRILL is suitable for foods you would normally fry, eg sausages and meatballs. It also cooks larger cuts of meat and whole chickens well, giving a result that is similar to a rotisserie. Fan grilling is carried out with the door closed, and the oven does not need to be preheated.

GRILL cooks a large area of food by using heat from the upper element and is suitable for family meals or larger amounts of food. To use the grill, select GRILL or ECO GRILL using the function knob. Set the required heat using the temperature knob. The hottest temperature is achieved at HI. We recommend you use this temperature to grill meats. For best results when grilling, leave the oven door open at the first stop position. Place food on the grill/roast rack and/or grill/roast grid and sit this in the grill/ roast pan or roasting dish.

ECO GRILL is suitable for single servings or small pieces of food. By using it you can save energy because you heat a smaller portion of the grill element. When using ECO GRILL, place your food in the middle of the grill rack.

BAKE This is the traditional method of cooking. It is most suitable for food that requires long cooking such as rich fruit cakes and traditional roasts. Heat comes from the top and bottom elements in the oven. The bottom element is concealed beneath the oven liner. With baked products you will achieve a better result if the oven is preheated first. Cooking one shelf of food at a time is preferable. Use FAN FORCED for multi-shelf baking.

CLASSIC BAKE uses heat from the bottom element only. It is particularly suitable for quiches, pies and slices that require more cooking on the bottom. We recommend that you preheat the oven on BAKE or FAN BAKE then switch to CLASSIC BAKE once the oven is at the desired temperature..

DEFROST allows you to defrost food using the oven fan without any heat. This prevents food from drying out or starting to cook. Leave the temperature setting at the OFF position as no heat is required. Defrosting this way is particularly good for delicate foods. When defrosting remove food from the oven as soon as the food is thawed.